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Social Symbiosis - Urban Issues Competition 2014

Mini Documentary      Duration 4:00

Architecture students Julio Medina, David Harrison and Anastasia Podolskaya from the New School of Architecture and Design commissioned us to create a video for their entry in the Urban Issues Competition. On March 15, 2104 they won first place and received a grant as a result of this video.





Hollywood Meets Fashion

Event Promo Video      Duration 3:40

Support the media arts teen producers project! Help us raise funds by attending Hollywood meets fashion on March 15th at the Media Art Center San Diego. Our next charity fashion show is in conjunction with the San Diego Latino Film Festival Gala! Help us support the students of the San Diego Latino Film Festival & Media Arts Center San Diego. Call 619-888-6889 for ticket information.




Fall In Love With Fashion Event Video

Event Coverage      Duration 2:49

On February 15, our community came together for our long anticipated Fall in Love with Fashion event at Venga Venga - Otay Ranch mall. Over 100 people showed up to support our cause including business owners, individuals, and volunteers. We were overwhelmed by the turn out and the amount of support we received by the community and our sponsors.




Fall In Love With Fashion

Event Promo Video      Duration 3:09

Our 1st Charity fashion show will be held on February 15th 2014 in commemoration of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Donations will benefit Fundacion Castro Limon Pediatric Onclogy Center, which is working to save children with cancer in Tijuana. We are cordially inviting members of the press to help support our wonderful charity event! Join us in raising awareness on International Childhood Cancer awareness Day.




Lisse Xpress

Event Promo Video      Duration 1:10

Lisse Xpress is our most recent client based out of San Diego, CA. They are one of the leading beauty salons in the South Bay region and we have helped them produce various videos and viral campaigns. They went from 1,600 FB likes to 6,000+ in one month as a direct result of our campaign efforts. This production to the right was a small promotional video showcasing their beautiful facilities, and latest viral competition.




Lisse Xpress

Event Coverage      Duration 1:58

This production to the right is dedicated to their Champagne and Glamour event and the culmination of a month long viral media campaign.




Oonas Divers

Event Coverage      Duration  4:58     

Oonas divers is the leading diving and travel agency in UK. We have worked with this company extensively on many press events, marketing and viral campaigns. This video to the right was filmed and produced by our team and included an underwater filming shoot at Elphinstone; one of the top ten dive sites in the whole world. Our underwater video team carried out most of this filming in the Egyptian Red Sea, nearly 50 meters underwater. We had the privilege of working with with Monty Hall on this production; one of UK's most famous broadcasters, explorers and marine biologists.




Discovery Channel

Commercial      Duration  0:31 

This small promotional video was filmed by our team and produced for a joint marketing competition between King Fish Dive & Travel - Denmark, and the Discovery Channel. Most of the filming took place in the Red Sea, Egypt.




The Underwater Realm

Promotional Piece       Duration  2:48

This promotional piece was filmed by our team in collaboration with The Underwater Realm. Most of the logistical support for the shoot was also coordinated by our team in the Red Sea, Egypt.  The video was produced for Red Sea Diving Safari, one of the southern Red Sea's biggest diving destinations.




BBC Presenter Paul Rose

Promotional Piece      Duration  2:57

Paul Rose is Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society and Chair of the Expeditions and Fieldwork Division. His television presenting credits include; Britain's Secret Seas, Oceans, Voyages of Discovery, Take One Museum, Meltdown, Wind and Scrapheap Challenge. He reports for BBC News and makes live appearances on BBC Breakfast, BBC 24 News, Sky News and local TV News. This promotional piece was filmed, scripted, and produced by our team for Red Sea Diving Safari, one of the southern Red Sea's biggest diving destinations.




Red Sea National Parks

Event Coverage      Duration  2:47

This video was filmed and produced for the small city of Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt. Our team was contracted by the Red Sea National Park Authority on June 12th, 2010, in commemoration of World Environmental Day. The video covers the communities coordinated clean-up efforts to help protect the region's delicate environment.




H.E.P.C.A - Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association

Mini Documentary      Duration  4:35

The fishing of sharks has been illegal in Egypt since 2008, yet the practice continues all over the world and is causing irreversible damage to our ocean and. Lack of enforcement and just plain ignorance is causing untold damage to one of the Red Sea's most valuable species. This video was filmed and produced for H.E.P.C.A and details the heroic efforts of the diving community, which have risked their lives to put and end to this senseless massacre.




Sharkschool with Dr. Erich Ritter

Promotional Piece      Duration  4:33

SharkSchool is headed by Dr. Erich Ritter, the worlds only field biologist specialized in shark-human interaction and behavior. The SharkSchool team travels all over the world trying to raise awareness about the fact that unsustainable practices such as fining and long-lining, may render this species extinct within the next 10 years. Our team had the privilege of scripting, filming and producing this piece in the Egyptian Red Sea, while diving with Dr. Ritter and filming some of the most beautiful shark species in the world.




P.A.D.I. Project Aware

Event Coverage     Duration  3:21

This promotional piece was dedicated to P.A.D.I. Project Aware Foundation; a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the planet's oceans – one dive at a time. The video covers the communities coordinated clean-up efforts to help protect the region's delicate environment on World Tourism Day.




Red Sea Diving Safari

Promotional Piece     Duration  1:49

This promotional piece was filmed and produced for Red Sea Diving Safari, the largest diving and tourism destination in the Red Sea. It was produced in early 2011 during the Egyptian revolution and one of the most difficult times for the Egyptian tourism industry. Our innovative marketing strategy helped them recover and turn the tide when the socio-economic situation looked hopeless.




H.E.P.C.A - Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association

Mini Documentary      Duration  5:40

A multitude of human impacts are slowly destroying the Red Sea's magnificent eco-system. Environmental threats posed by unsustainable development and industrial pollution has reached endemic levels. Egypt's leading NGO HEPCA is has been spearheading countless campaigns and initiatives to protect the Red Sea's delicate ecosystem. This episode chronicles their campaign against the oil industry after a massive oil spill that occurred in June of 2011, and the subsequent attempted cover-up by the highest levels of authority.




Ric O'Barry of the Earth Island Institute

Mini Documentary      Duration  7:53

The bloody truth about Dolphin and ceteacen captivity is slowly coming out with the help of activists like Ric O'Barry. This production covers H.E.P.C.A's camapign to put a stop to this illegal activity in Egypt, with the assistance from Ric O'Barry of the Earth Island Institute.



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