New articles can be added using either the Add Article button or the Article Manager Screen in the Administrator back-end.

  1. Log in to the Administrator back-end. To learn how to do this read: Logging in or out of the Administrator back-end.
  2. Either:
    • Click on the Add New Article button in the main Control Panel to open the New Article screen or,
    • Click the Content  Article Manager  New Article menu item to go to the Article Manager. Then click the New toolbar button.

    add an article in joomla


    3. The New Article screen contains options for categorising and naming the article, editing content and selecting parameters.



    • Enter a title in the Title field. This is used when the article title is displayed.
    • Enter an alias in the Alias field. The alias is used to refer to the title and is important for the Search Engine Friendly Address features in Joomla!. If you do not enter anything, Joomla! will generate it for you.
    • Select a Category using the drop down menus.
    • Choose whether the article is published or not using the Published drop down menu.
    • Choose whether the article will be displayed on the home page using the Featured drop down menu.

     4. Now enter your content using the editor in the New Article screen.

    • Make sure to justify your text.
    • Insert images using the image button at the bottom left hand corner. You MUST RESIZE the photos before uploading it into the media server. For article photos make them no bigger than 50KB. You can resize photos on-line here for free if you don't have software to do so.
    • Once you have inserted your image, align it either right, left, center
    • Click on the image you've just placed in the article and click on the image button, located at the top to the right of the anchor link.
    • A pop window will show up. Click on the appearance tab. Type 8 under both the vertical space and horizontal space to give some space between the photos and text. 

    6. Click the Save toolbar button to save your article.

    • The Save & Close toolbar button will save your changes and return you to the Article Manager screen.
    • The Save button will save your changes but leave you in the Article Edit screen.

    7. You should see a blue message: Successfully saved changes to Article: article_title.

    • If you have not completed the Article Title, Section or Category fields, you will see an error message indicating this.