Displaying Photo Galleries on Your Web-site Using Phoca Gallery

Before you can display any images in the frontend, you need to create at least one category and publish it in your main menu.

Ideally, put your photos into separate folders within images/phocagallery. e.g. images/phocagallery/holidays, because adding images to different categories will be easier then.

There can be problems with image names (folder names) on some servers. Before you upload your images into a server, please check the image names (folder names). They shouldn't contain spaces or some bad characters (', ", #, ...), diacritics or special national characters.

You can create categories on different locations:

  • In Components » Phoca Gallery » Categories » [New] (This is the common way how to create categories)
  • In Multiple Add (Categories will be created automatically. Multiple Add function converts all folders and subfolders to categories resp. subcategories)

To create a category you only need to fill in the title and press [Save]. Phoca Gallery creates the alias. All other fields are optional. 


Uploading Images

Before uploading your photos, make sure that you have resized them to be no longer that 150KB each. You can resize photos on-line here for free if you don't have software to do so.

  • Go to Components » Phoca Gallery » Images  » [New] and press the [image] button besides filename.
  • For Multiple Add: Go to Components » Phoca Gallery » Images  » [Multiple Add]

If you are using multiple add option, you'll get a screen with 3 boxes.

  • In the first box you see a screen with the files and folders present on you server in images/phocagallery.
  • If you want to upload the image to an existing folder, click on that folder. If you want to upload the image to a new folder, go to the 'folder' box and type the folder name and press [create folder].
  • Once you've selected the desired folder, go to upload files, press [browse], select the files you want to upload and press [start upload].

Now the images are uploaded to your server in the media manager, but they aren't added to a category yet.

  • Under filename, pick the folder where the images you want to create into a category are located.
  • Mark the check box next to each image you want to upload into a category
  • You can either create an new category or pick from the existing categories you created earlier
  • Press the save and close button at the top right hand. This will initiate the thumbnail creator and begin adding your images to the desired category.


Displaying Your Gallery in the Menu

  1. Go to your main menu tab
  2. If needed, create a new menu or sub menu using the [New] button at the top left and then press [Save & Close]
  3. Click on the menu to open the Menu Item Manager
  4. Select the appropriate menu item type by clicking on the [Select] button. F
  5. A pop up window will appear. Select Phoca Gallery > List of Images (Category View).
  6. Choose the desired category to be displayed from the drop-down menu under requires settings on the right.
  7. Make sure the item is set to published then [Save & Close]