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SDBVB - Client Spotlight

We've always been passionate about supporting non-profit organizations, particularly those in involved in environmental conservation. The work they undertake is very important & requires innovative branding & outreach strategies. One of our most recent initiatives has been supporting the launch of The San Diego Backcountry Visitors Bureau. From planning to logo & brand conceptualization, web-site design & launch, social media campaigns & video production. We helped them custom design an image & branding approach to help inspire their supporters & raise awareness about environmental stewardship of the backcountry.  

A Year of Transition for the CFM Team

At the beginning of 2017, Rami and I finally achieved a long time dream of ours. Together we purchased a beautiful lake view property in the mountains of Julian, CA. Having lived abroad for many years in some of the most remote & bio-diverse habitats on the planet; it became impossible for us to acclimate to life in the city. We decided to purchase a piece of land in our hometown of San Diego. Our property is in the small town of Julian, overlooking Lake Cuyamaca & surrounded by the State Park & Cleveland National Forest. It's been the perfect environment for stimulating our creative flow & we remain dedicated to being San Diego's leading internet marketing & digital media company.

Elements of a captivating videoMaking a quality video begins with the script & theme creation onto casting, filming & production and finally distribution. It’s important to work with a production team that can guide you through this process.

Here are some of the top elements that make a great video production.


Start with the basics.

The details that goes into quality control will affect what the viewer thinks of your business. Make sure that the sound quality is superb. Ensure optimal lighting and take time to "frame" each shot in the most interesting way possible. Double check your title graphics for spelling mistakes.

Tell a Story.

All great videos tell a story. Rather than list your services as you would on a web-site, pull your audience in from the perspective of your client. If you’re in real estate, ask one of your clients to tell the story of how you helped them purchase a first home. If you run a hotel, you might tell the story of a couple's incredible wedding at your venue. If you’re a school, you might get a handful of parents to share their stories about the impact you've had on the children. As you tell the story, you’re building empathy and trust with your viewers and evoking a strong emotional connection. Look around and be creative to find the best story and how to tell it.

Be different.

Your message needs to stand out from that of your competitors. Look at what they have to say and say something different, or try to tell the story in a more creative way.

Be creative.

It’s not just about people knowing the in’s and out’s of your business. You want to evoke an emotional connection by appealing to their needs & interests. People will react more positively to your message if they feel like its genuine and appeals to their life.

Call to action.

At the conclusion of the video; is it clear what you want the viewer to do next? For a business, this call to action may lead to a sales conversion point, such as your on-line shop. For an NGO, it may be a call to stop using a certain product that is harming the environment. Get you viewer to do something after you’ve established that connection with them.

Take advantage of our exclusive limited time offer of $100 off a promotional video. We'll take you through the process from script and theme creation to filming, production and distribution. We use state of the art cameras and editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Get a quote.

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