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Creative Flow MediaThe Creative Flow Media team has over 10 years experience in integrated and full service digital marketing. We have an international client portfolio, which includes the BBC, Discovery Channel, The Red Sea National Parks, P.A.D.I., and the Underwater Realm. 

Our mission statement is simple: to contribute our digital media and integrated marketing skills towards helping companies in this exciting new time of technological convergence.

From content creation and design to viral campaigns and filming; Creative Flow Media offers your firm real-time application of almost any creative marketing solution your company could ever need.

We are based out of beautiful San Diego, CA and are made up of a very unique team of life-long friends. Our international network of client affiliates spans the globe from Africa, Europe and Mexico. We are driven by technological innovations and new business models, which we believe will soon completely re-shape the traditional industrial structure. These changes are a long overdue necessity if we expect to improve current social living conditions, and the irreversible ecological damage that has been caused to planet earth. These notions are part of our Creative Flow Concept and our belief that rapid change is already changing most of the ways that we do business.


Below is a list of our international affiliates which have been inspired by our transformative business philosophy:




BBC's Simon Reeve:


We worked on a syndicated documentary called "Tropic of Cancer" about Egypt.






Jeff Goodman Productions:


One of our closest associates with ties into the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and many others. We’ve worked extensively together on multiple projects and you can read a bio about him here: http://www.jeffgoodman.co.uk/cvprofile.html





Daniel Brinkman - Freelance Journalist:


Daniel Brinkman is one of our press affiliates from Germany and worked with us extensively on various articles about tourism in Egypt. Our work together was featured in German's Tauchen and Unterwassser magazine multiple times.






Sharkschool with Dr. Erich Ritter

Promotional Piece      Duration  4:33

SharkSchool is headed by Dr. Erich Ritter, the worlds only field biologist specialized in shark-human interaction and behavior. The SharkSchool team travels all over the world trying to raise awareness about the fact that unsustainable practices such as fining and long-lining, may render this species extinct within the next 10 years. Our team had the privilege of scripting, filming and producing this piece in the Egyptian Red Sea, while diving with Dr. Ritter and filming some of the most beautiful shark species in the world.



Ric O'Barry of the Earth Island Institute

Mini Documentary      Duration  7:53

The bloody truth about Dolphin and ceteacen captivity is slowly coming out with the help of activists like Ric O'Barry. This production covers H.E.P.C.A's camapign to put a stop to this illegal activity in Egypt, with the assistance from Ric O'Barry of the Earth Island Institute.





John Bantin – UK's Diver Magazine:


John has been a close press affiliate of ours during our time working in Egypt's Tourism industry. He is one of the UK's most famous diving writers and has traveled the world extensively writing for various travel magazines.





BBC Presenter Paul Rose

Promotional Piece      Duration  2:57

Paul Rose is Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society and Chair of the Expeditions and Fieldwork Division. His television presenting credits include; Britain's Secret Seas, Oceans, Voyages of Discovery, Take One Museum, Meltdown, Wind and Scrapheap Challenge. He reports for BBC News and makes live appearances on BBC Breakfast, BBC 24 News, Sky News and local TV News. This promotional piece was filmed, scripted, and produced by our team for Red Sea Diving Safari, one of the southern Red Sea's biggest diving destinations.




P.A.D.I. Project Aware

Event Coverage     Duration  3:21

This promotional piece was dedicated to P.A.D.I. Project Aware Foundation; a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the planet's oceans – one dive at a time. The video covers the communities coordinated clean-up efforts to help protect the region's delicate environment on World Tourism Day.


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