One video a week in 2018 showcasing a business in Julian. That’s our commitment to you. The San Diego Backcountry Visitors Bureau in collaboration with Creative Flow Media are launching a new program in support of the Julian business community. As part of our destination marketing campaign, we plan to make one video a week showcasing a business in Julian. Creative Flow Media is ready to sponsor half of the cost of the video production for every business in Julian.

Not only will we make the video, but we will also post it to our Facebook page Discover Julian to ensure you get maximum reach. Each one of the videos we’ve made so far has reached up to 10,000 people. Your cost is $399 with a guaranteed reach of 10,000 people on Discover Julian. Book before February 1st and we’ll also include you on the backcountry map FREE of charge. 

Why Choose Us?

We've produced hundreds of videos for big companies to smaller size businesses. We can help make a video showcasing your brand, promote a new product launch, or cover an event. We've also worked with non-profit organizations using video marketing to raising awareness or for fundraising purposes.

Captivate Your Audience

Video marketing is by far the most powerful median to get a message across quickly & effectively. It can be shared onto social media platforms at essentially no cost & can reach a wide audience quickly. We'll provide you a copy to upload to your YouTube Channel & embed on your web-site. You can use the video to run an advertisement campaigns on Facebook & even specify which demographics & regions you'd prefer to target. We'll guide you through the process to ensure you get maximize exposure & ROI.

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Client Spotlight

Only $399

What You're Getting:
 - Quality Promotional Video 
- Minimum 10k Reach on Facebook
- Inclusion on the Backcountry Map



Event Video | 50k Reach

4th of July video production dedicated to the community of Julian. The video was part of the long-term destination marketing efforts by the SDBVB & reached over 50K.

Destination Promo Video | 10k Reach

Promotional style video for Fort Cross | Old Timey Adventure showcasing their programs & various activities on their beautiful 4 acre ranch,       

Product LaunchVideo | 10k Reach

Promotional style video for the product launch of Easy Choices Meal Prep program.       

Awareness Raising Video | 8k Reach

Educational style video for the San Diego Backcountry Visitors Bureau & designed to encourage safe & responsible tourism in Julian.

Event Video | 10k Reach

Event video for Julian Backcountry Dance & BBQ hosted by Sons of the American Legion.     

Event Video | 7k Reach

Promotional event video for Julian Grape Stomo 2017. .